Weekly Digest – 6/19/16

Welcome to the Weekly Digest for the the week of 6/19/16 — 6/25/16. The Weekly Digest is a weekly review of my activity for (take a wild guess) the week. Each day I record my activity, in a notebook, for the day, in a timed manner. For example: 9:19pm to 9:41 – writing. This is to assist in my on-going process of being more productive and managing procrastination. As well as an accountability measure. In essence, this digest is my weekly reflection. This overview format gives me insight on what’s working and what’s not. Also, I’m able to see where my time is being spent, whether it’s too much or too little in certain areas, such as too much TV. This helps me stay on top of my goals and enables my progression. Most of all I am more aware of what I am doing with my time and how I can do better. Does this work dude? It gives me a sense of acknowledgement and accomplishment of how I use my time. Give it a read or glance.

Weekly Tracker —– 122 of 168 hrs
Sleep—————54 hrs
Reading————-8 hrs
TV——————-13 hrs
Work/Intern——–14 hrs
Travel Time——–3 hrs
Food/Meals——–14 hrs
Writing————–6 hrs
Chores————–7 hrs (includes: laundry, cleaning, garbage, etc.)
Project————–3 hrs

Weekly Tracker Reflection
– Fell short of my TV goal of under 10hrs. The reason is I had a minor setback with night TV watching past my electronics curfew, where I watched 4hrs of TV. That was my kryptonite of the week.

Without continual growth and progress, such words as improvement, achievement, and success have no meaning. ~ Benjamin Franklin

Weekly Questions:

=How did I progress?
– For the past 6 months Sundays have been my biggest TV watching days. Before then it was my off days, the day’s that I didn’t have school or work. This week I experimented with replacing Sunday TV consumption with listening to an audiobook. Zig Ziglar’s audiobook of course, my absolute favorite.

Weekly Exercise Checklist:
– daily morning routine exercise: [check]
– yoga 1x [no]
– workout 3x: [check]

Weekly Routine Check-in

  • My morning routine …
    • All ready by 8:30am [5 out of 7]
    • Outside by 9am [6 out of 7]
  • My night routine …
    • Planning [4 out of 7]
    • Journal-ing [5 out of 7]
    • Reading [5 out of 7]

Habit Tracker:
~ Sleep 8+ hrs [3 out of 7]
~ 8+ Glasses of Water [6 out of 7]
~ No TV in morning [7 out of 7]

Next Week Challenges
> Keep progressing on my night routine. Just follow it, don’t try to justify anything.
> Overall keep making small steps towards progress

“Little by little, a little becomes a lot” ~ Tanzanian proverb

The End.


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