Weekly Digest – 6/5/16

Welcome to the Weekly Digest for the the week of 6/5/16 — 6/11/16. The Weekly Digest is a weekly review of my activity for (take a wild guess) the week. Each day I record my activity, in a notebook, for the day, in a timed manner. For example: 3:30pm to 3:47pm – reading. This is to assist in my on-going process of being more productive and managing procrastination. As well as an accountability measure. In essence, this digest is my weekly reflection. This overview format gives me insight on what’s working and what’s not. Also, I’m able to see where my time is being spent, whether it’s too much or too little in certain areas, such as too much TV. This helps me stay on top of my goals and enables my progression. Most of all I am more aware of what I am doing with my time and how I can do better. Does this work dude? It gives me a sense of acknowledgement and accomplishment of how I use my time. Give it a read or glance.

Weekly Tracker —– 121.5 of 168 hrs
Sleep—————55.5 hrs
Reading————-6 hrs
TV——————-13.5 hrs (much improved) {new goal under 10 hrs}
Work/Intern——–12 hrs
Travel Time——–3 hrs
Food/Meals——–14 hrs
Writing————–3.5 hrs
Hygiene————-7 hrs (includes: shower, brushing teeth, etc.)
Chores————–7 hrs (includes: laundry, cleaning, garbage, etc.)

Weekly Tracker Reflection [previous weekly digest]
– TV. Great improvement from last week’s full time job status of 35 hrs of TV watching (an outrageous amount).
– Both my reading and writing daily goals are up from last week. My goal is to read and write, for a one hour minimum per day.
– Overall, my hours are back on track, and it feels great reflecting on this week’s improvements.

“Don’t put off until tomorrow what you can do today.” ~ Benjamin Franklin

Weekly Questions:

=What did I learn this week?
– Night Reading outside. In an effort to get back to my night routine of reading. I happened to go outside at 8pm one evening to avoid watching TV. I brought a book out with me and started reading. It was fantastic, and I have been reading outside at night since then, weather permitting of course.
– Cooked sauteed spinach. I heat up the frying pan for 30sec. Put some olive oil in, then some garlic. Next, put the spinach in. Then, I put salt and pepper in. I put it in too early, as the spinach was still raw. Next time, I will wait until the spinach is half cooked, more soft before I add the spices. This was a great feeling because I have yet to learn cooking. My goal is to learn and master one dish every 3 month, so I can become fully independent.
– Doing things that can be done now instead of putting them off. For example, cleaning dishes while cooking and immediately afterwards. I feel a sense of ease upon completion as I don’t have to think about when I’m doing to do it. Following the principle of Benjamin Franklin in the above noted quote.
– Quiet Time. On two occasions this week, while eating lunch and dinner I ate in a meditative state. I had my eyes closed most of the time while deep breathing. No background noise or distractions. After eating in this meditative state I felt totally refreshed.

=How did I progress?
– I followed my routines that have proven to be working for me. By following my routines I reduced my TV watching and was more productive. As I got back on track to more consistency.

=What will I improve upon? {keep it positive phrasing}
» I have come to realize that I need structure in order to be productive, which is why following a routine is key for me. As this is what works best for me. I made the effort this week to stay on track by following my routines and making a few tweaks. I will keep experimenting and adding more structure into my day with better routines.

» Night Routine.
>Brushing my teeth 30min after dinner. ( Otherwise if I wait right before bed, it takes tremendous willpower as I despise doing it then. )
>Following through with planning and reading before bed. ( Possibly get back to some journaling as well. )


Weekly Exercise Checklist:
– daily morning routine exercise: [check]
– yoga 1x [no]
– workout 3x: [no] (only 2x this week)

Weekly Routine Check-in

  • My morning routine …
    • All ready by 8:30am [3 out of 7 days]
    • Outside by 9am [5 out of 7 days]
  • My night routine …
    • Electronics curfew of 8:30pm [6 out of 7 days]
    • Planning [5 out of 7 days]
    • Reading [6 out of 7 days]

Weekly Consumption
~ Article: How To Do Everything You Want To Do (Without Needing Motivation) | CollegeTopia

~ Listening to Podcast or Audiobook:
• Zig Ziglar, How to Stay Motivated Vol. III Goals – Listening for the 2nd time. It is Ziglar recommeneds listening 16 times.

~ Bookshelf:
How to Win Friends & Influence People by Dale Carnegie, just finished. Everyone regardless of where you’re at in life should pick this book up.
Deep Work by Cal Newport, still reading, a really valuable book about engaging in focused work in within a time frame, such as time blocks.

Next Week Challenges
> Manage TV watching
> Read more
> Work out 3x

The End.

Image Credit: Night Routine


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