Weekly Digest – 2/21/16

Welcome to the Weekly Digest for the the week of 2/21/16 — 2/27/16. The Weekly Digest is a weekly review of my activity for (take a wild guess) the week. Each day I record my activity for the day in a timed manner. For example: 3:30pm to 4:05 – reading. This is to assist in my on-going process of margin procrastination. Does this work dude? It gives me a sense of accomplishment. Give it a read or glance.

Weekly Tracker: 132.5 of 168 hrs
Sleep——————-67 hrs
Reading—————-10 hrs (reading list coming soon)
TV———————-0 hrs (That’s not a typo, thank you!)
Classes—————-12.5 hrs
HW———————–6.5 hrs (if you don’t know what HW stands for, click the red ‘x’ at the top of this page)
Work/Intern—————8.5 hrs
Travel Time—————8 hrs
Food/Meals—————14 hrs
Chores——————–6 hrs

Weekly Questions:

What did I learn this week?
-Putting pen to paper. When I am mad (frustrated, angry) or not happy with how a situation went or even anxious about something. I discovered taking 5 – 10 min to transfer whats on my mind to paper is key. It is therapeutic. Almost, simultaneously I feel better. The release of the thoughts from my mind is a huge relief. I did this on three different occasions this week.
– Creating a deadline. Like most people I work relatively good when under pressure of a deadline. Be it for a paper or a simple homework assignment. I have been playing around with creating my own deadlines for assignments. For example, I had a paper due Friday, so on Monday I gave myself a deadline to put words on the paper. So, I set a timer for 25min and just brain dumped my thoughts onto paper. I put my document in full screen and turned on my ‘HW’ playlist and cranked out 500 words of ideas. I will continue to experiment with this deadline method.

How did I progress?
– 0 (zero) hrs of TV. I have just been trying to keep it under a 1 hr per day average. This week I consumed zero (0) hrs of TV. I did not plan on this, it just sorta happened. Not wanting to take a break for 45 min to watch a show, I read instead. As a result I did a lot more reading this week and also listened to an extra podcast episode. One might wonder how I was actually able to read instead of TV. Simple: it’s all about the right book (Yep!). You have to find a book that you really enjoy, whether it be a topic you are interested in or a biography of sorts.
{coming soon: how I got started reading}

What will I improve upon? {keep it positive phrasing}
– more time for hw
– keep progressing and evolving in all areas
– tidying up my room (attempting to use the KonMar method from her book on How to Tidy Up)

Weekly Exercise Checklist:
– daily morning routine exercise: [check]
– yoga 1x [check]
– workout 3x: [check]
{the exact routine coming soon}

Weekly Routine Check-in
– My morning routine and night routine are my favorite parts of the day. They have become so adaptable that no matter where I am, I follow through with them.
(more on my routines to come in future)

Weekly Consumption

Podcast—http://fourhourworkweek.com/2016/02/16/scorpion/ and http://www.artofmanliness.com/2016/02/13/podcast-177-homemade-muscle-bodyweight-training/

Weekly Challenges
– When I have a great book to look froward to it is better than TV. It is the best entertainment you can get (don’t quote me on that). The trick is finding these books. I did just that and was able to read instead of TV and felt great. The last time I can remember going a full week without TV, must have been freshman year of high school. Wow (great for me)!!!!

The End.


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