Weekly Digest – 2/7/16

Welcome to the Weekly Digest for the the week of 2/7/16 — 2/13/16. The Weekly Digest is a weekly review of my activity for (take a wild guess) the week. Each day I record my activity for the day in a timed manner. For example: 3:30pm to 4:05 – reading. This is to assist in my on-going process of managing procrastination. Does this work dude? It works for me. Give it a read or glance.

Weekly Tracker: 114 of 168 hrs
– Sleep……………………70 hrs
– Reading………………8 hrs (reading list coming soon)
– TV……………………………6 hrs
– Classes………………9 hrs
– HW……………………………6 hrs (don’t know what HW stands for, click the red ‘x’ at the top of this page)
– Work/Intern……7 hrs
– Travel Time……8 hrs

Weekly Questions:

What did I learn this week?
– Twice this week I was tempted to watch TV past my electronic curfew which is 1hr 30min before my desired bedtime (a testament to all the good shows or just my TV addiction kicking in). So, I delayed this for 20 minutes by reading and then forgot about it, as I became entangled in my book. This delay was inspired by the strategy of distraction, which Gretchen Rubin discusses in regards to fighting temptations (she also has an entire chapter dedicated to this strategy in her book in her book Better Than Before). I didn’t intend on using this strategy, rather I just did it and afterwards remembered I had read about this. This is one thats going in the toolbox.

How did I progress?
– I kept my TV usage under a one hour per day average.
– I did 6 hrs of hw, which is my weekly minimum
– On a daily basis I did deep breathing throughout day, especially at tense times in order to say calm, which is a skill that is constantly evolving for me. Something I have been working on for the past year.

What will I improve upon? {splendid positive phrasing}
– I will keep progressing and evolving in all areas.
– I will spend more time on a consistent basis for HW.
– I will tidy up my room (attempting to use the KonMari method from the book on the Magic of Tidying Up)

Weekly Exercise Checklist:
– daily morning routine exercise: [check]
– yoga 1x [check]
– workout 3x [check]

Weekly Routine Check-in
– My morning routine and night routine are doing great. Of course, I am tweaking them here and there.
{more on my routines coming soon}

Weekly Consumption

Weekly Challenges
My History readings are (insert expletive) tough (Gee, thanks for telling me, you should see mine). I was able to tough my readings out by creating a routine. The reading rotation routine is as follows: 1. start with the hardest reading 2. read a tolerable reading (another subject) 3. read something enjoyable. #ReadRotateRepeat
1. History reading for 30min
2. Economics textbook reading for 20min
3. Article printed from the interweb for 10 min
4. Back to history reading for 20min
5. Done.

That completes the Weekly Digest.


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